Rest peacefully, Neville Walker

One of our long-standing members, Neville Walker, passed away this week. Neville will be missed by the club and all of us who knew him. From my perspective and the shop staff who saw Neville at ... See more

Discover the secrets of success behind the Met team

Did anyone watch the Skins game on Sunday? If so, did anyone last more than 30 minutes? It does make you realise how important fans are – I think I even missed that idiot shouting “Get in the hole!” ... See more

You've been working on your swing. Now it's time to work on your style

Dear members,

We hope that you and your families are safe and healthy!

We are anticipating an announcement in the coming days on when golf could re-open. It has been encouraging to ...
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We look forward to seeing all of your smiling faces (or eyes, that is)

I popped into the club this morning to collect a few things from the office. I must say it was great to be back on-site. Grant tells me there is now a porcupine on the course and the little guy is ... See more