When we say you can have everything

Srixon Z Series Irons

To give you more distance and consistency, the Z 585 Irons have a face that has more flex across a larger area.

That increases ball speed out of the centre and even increases ball speed away from the centre.

It looks like a blade. It feels like a blade.
It offers the workability of a blade.
But the Z 785 Iron's internal tour cavity
design also allows improved distance
control on approach shots.

An even better match for your game
As well as fitting you perfectly, we can mix your set. So where you might need more consistency (the longer irons), we can set you up with the Z585 Irons, and where you want to be able to work the ball for aggressive approach shots (probably the shorter irons), we can fit you for Z785 Irons. 

No charge for additional customisation
What an offer. We can fit you for custom shafts and custom grips at no extra charge. 

This is a new level of fitting. This allows us to set you up with the perfect configuration and the perfect set make up.