Where scoring matters
Wedge design to improve short shots

There is so much you want from your Wedge.
All of it helps to deliver the magic that gets you close more often from any lie .  

You’re looking for: better control; more spin; more consistency delivering distance accuracy; the feel to allow precision;
the flexibility to support different shot types; and control over trajectory. You want the magic that gets you close, more often, from any lie.  

If you’re a consistent ball striker,
looking for the most
versatility and maximum control
over your ball, then the Cleveland RTX-3 has
innovations adding spin,
feel, and support for many different shot types. 

Advanced groove design, face-centered sweet
spot delivering improved feel, new sole grinds
reducing the impact of the turf for added
consistency. Lots to like.

If you’re playing cavity back Irons,
why would you give up any forgiveness
with your scoring clubs?

The Cleveland CBX Wedges delivering
much more consistency to
accommodate your variability.

All the groove technology you need
to create spin, along with the forgiveness
to improve accuracy.

The Cleveland Smart Sole ‘S’ and ‘C’
make it easy from any lie (even in the sand).

For golfers who struggle with
confidence and consistency of ball strike.

What do you change in a Wedge design to make
it as easy as possible to play any
short shot from any lie?

Come and spend some time with us in a short game assessment.
We’ll look at how we can use technology to sharpen up your performance in areas where scoring matters.