Ideas to help your enjoyment
Sometimes making "wrong" harder works.

A towel that can improve your ball striking?

If you struggle with consistent ball striking, there’s a good chance you’re trying to hit the golf ball with an ascending blow. The low point of your swing is behind the ball.

With your irons, you need to strike the ball first with a slightly descending angle of attack. The result should be a brush of the grass or slight divot beyond where the ball was positioned.

Thomas Devine, PGA Professional, published a neat drill on GolfWRX that involved placing a folded tower about six inches behind the ball (as shown below). You then have to strike the ball without disturbing the towel.

This is a clever drill because there’s no swing mechanics or complicated thoughts. Your body will have to figure out how to achieve the goal. And often that’s the most powerful way to learn.

If you’ve been suffering from the faults that cause you to have the low point of your swing BEFORE the golf ball with your irons, then this drill will encourage you to find ways to deliver an ascending blow on the ball. If you want help to make sure that includes the right weight movement and release, please