Boosted ball speed for all golfers

“This driver’s faster. This driver’s longer. This driver’s better,”
said Keegan Bradley when talking about the new Srixon Z 785 Driver.

This face flexes faster across a wider area. The revolutionary Ti51AF cup face boosts speed and adds distance off the tee.
The new Z 785 and Z 585 Drivers have the thinnest, lightest, strongest, and hottest driver face Srixon has ever produced.

Packed with forgiveness. Weight saved in the revolutionary and ultra-thin face can now be re-distributed protecting
launch conditions and speed away from the sweet spot (and preventing the head from twisting if your strike is off-center).

Easy to hit it straighter. Adjust both drivers to fit your unique swing characteristics by adjusting
loft and swing weight in a matter of seconds using the Quick Tune System.

Our golfers are going to find that the new Z Series Drivers are another technology innovation
taking you longer than you’ve ever hit a golf ball. Challenge us.